The Lucha Institute is a public policy research organization dedicated to enlighten principles of individual liberty, free market and limited government in Europe.

It was founded in 2017, in Montenegro, by the group of young intellectuals from all around the globe with aim to gather the most profound researchers in Europe who are dedicated to the idea of free and prosperous Europe.

Research & Publications

The Institute puts a lot of efforts in researching different aspects of human life and the effects of different public policies on a society. Through research activities we tend to raise awareness of a negative consequences of those policies.

Informal Education

The Institute provides educational platform for those who are willing to reach deeper understanding of pro-liberty values. We focus on cooperating with young, perspective and open-minded researchers.

Public Policy Analysis

The Institute analyzes public policies, the behavior of the government and the effects government is making toward human life. We promote the ideas of free and prosperous Europe through our analysis.

Think Tank Cooperation

The Institute believes cooperation with different think tanks and organization is key for success and the network. We strive to promote pro-liberty ideas around Europe with our partners and pro-liberty fighters.


The Lucha (Montenegrin: Luča) is a word from Montenegrin language that symbolizes the one who brings the light into darkness. Usually it's translated as beam of the light, or spark. Originally the idea for the name came from the book "The Ray of the Microcosm" by famous writer, philosopher and ruler of Montenegro, Petar II Petrović Njegoš. The book represents philosophical platform of The Institute. The main motive of the book is an individual who is questioning, exploring and developing the mean of the life reaching deeper understanding of human existence.

The Lucha Institute tends to become recognizable European network for pro-liberty researchers. It's a network of young and perspective researchers who promote the ideas of free and prosperous Europe. We invest our time and efforts in establishing the name that provides deeper understanding of human nature and freedom in different cultures, in different disciplines. We strive to see beyond the horizon, which is the slogan of The Institute.

Research and Development

The Lucha Institute motivates researchers from different disciplines to cooperate and to combine knowledge in favor of improvement approaches in promotion of the pro-liberty values. That is why we seek an opportunity to work not only with economists and politicians but also with scientists, artists, philosophers, psychologists, etc.

We are trying to challenge real-life issues and to explore relationship between government and an individual, but also to offer deeper understanding of a human nature and their actions. That is why we, in The Lucha Institute, believe in science of human actions. Better known as praxeology. Because we believe it's the science of the future, The Lucha Institute tends to improve understanding of this science.