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In partnership with The Ayn Rand Institute and Balkan Objectivist Centre we successfully organised the first 8-week programme.

Global Talks is a series of international events organised by The Lucha Institute with aim to connect business people, policymakers, politicians and academics from host countries and to meet them with all opportunities that can be found in Montenegro. Most of the events are organised with our partners from all around the world.

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    After the crash of our website we managed to restore most of the data but still we are solving some problems that were caused by the crash. You may experience trouble in finding some information or previous events, but we encourage you to follow our Facebook page where we have information about all events. We are doing our best to restore all data as soon as it is possible. We are sorry that you have to go through it. For any additional information please do not hesitate to reach us.

    The Lucha Institute is an European Research Hub, or Think Tank, with its residence in Montenegro that advocates limited role of the state, individual, economic and political freedoms, market economy, and entrepreneurship.
    We believe in a free, responsible and prosperous society of Europe. That is why The Lucha Institute connects young, talented and open-minded individuals all around Europe.


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