Our Vision

We believe in a free, responsible and prosperous society of Europe. That is why The Lucha Institute connects young, talented and open-minded individuals all around Europe. Our Liberty Decalogue serves as the reminder of values and principles we are built on, and of our broader vision we seek to achieve.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the European Research Hub that will connect bright, open-minded and innovative pro-liberty thinkers in Europe. The main role of The Lucha Institute is to research, develop, educate and promote policies that emphasis the importance of limited role of the state, individual, economic and political freedoms, market economy, and entrepreneurship.


The Lucha Institute is proud member of many global networks and initiatives that strengthen the pro-liberty ideas and values all around the world.

meet our team

The Lucha Institute

Meet all individuals behind The Lucha Institute who are dedicating their lives to spread and advance the ideas of free, responsible and prosperous society of Europe.

Slobodan Franeta
Ljubomir Filipović
Independent Consultant
Igor Lukšić
SEE Regional Director at PwC
Aljoša Drobnjak
Ivan Piper
Austin J. Jack
United States of America
Violeta Žudić
Chief Operating Officer
Jovana Radović
Ajla Mustafalić
Director at Centre for Development of Entrepreneurial Thinking

Why The Lucha?

The Lucha (cnr. Luča) is a word from Montenegrin language which represents the one who brings light into darkness. Conventional translation of the word is beam of light, illumination, sparkle. The Institute name came from the book “The Ray of the Microcosm”, written by well-known Montenegrin poet, philosopher, and bishop Petar II Petrovic Njegos. The book represents philosophical platform of The Lucha Institute. Correlation between The Institute and the book is hidden into deeper understanding of an individual, his existence and freedom to question the dogmatic beliefs.


Moved to HQ in Podgorica

The Lucha’s new HQ in Podgorica offers open co-working space for social science researchers and pro-liberty advocates.



The Lucha Institute was officially born in Montenegro on July 27th, 2017 by the acceptance letter from Ministry of Public Administration.

Switch The Language

    Dear Visitor,

    We, at The Lucha Institute, are constantly working to upgrade our platform. In few days we will add a lot of new features and more information regarding our organisation. New platform will be consisted of many additional features that will help you to follow our work more easily. In case you need additional information regarding our new platform please do not hesitate to reach us.

    The Lucha Institute appreciates all contributions from individuals and enterprises who are interested in development of an European Research Hub. All donations will be directed toward Fund for Development of Young Researchers, as we believe it will be helpful for generations of future pro-liberty thinkers.


    Radoja Dakića 30/A, Lamela 2-9, 3rd Floor, Apt. #19


    +382 (20) 330 905