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The Lucha Institute is an European Pro-Liberty Research Hub, or Think Tank, with its residence in Montenegro. The main role of The Lucha Institute is to research, develop, educate and promote policies that emphasis the importance of limited role of the state, individual, economic and political freedoms, free and deregulated market, and privatization.

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The Lucha Institute is the newest member of “Our Administration” network

Our Administration network is consisted of 13 nongovernmental organizations: Institute Alternative, Bonum, Natura, New Horizons, Center for Investigative Journalism, Center for Civic Education, Center for Development of Nongovernmental Organizations, Center for Women Rights, Association of Young People with Disabilities of Montenegro, Active Zone, Association for Civil Society Development, NADA, Adria. Network goals are participation in […]

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Slobodan Franeta featured on SFL Success Story

Former student leader now Co-Founder and Chairman of a public policy organization… Original source: Students for Liberty Author: Michael Hall, North American Communication Associate at Students for Liberty International Former National Coordinator, European Students For Liberty Board Member, and Student of the Year Slobodan Franeta recently founded The Lucha Institute in Montenegro. The Lucha Institute is a […]

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#Unwanted: Legal restrictions don’t solve Montenegro’s problem with selective abortion

Selective abortions could be an issue in Montenegro, but should the solution be legal restrictions and violation of individual freedoms and choices? “Unwanted” is the name of many baby girls in Montenegro who were not ever born because of primitive urges and still strong patriarchal bonds society nourish. In such parts of a society, men […]

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Weak Governments and Partial Protection: Property Rights in the Western Balkans

The Western Balkan countries of Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Kosovo are lag behind other European transition countries in terms of economic development and EU accession. Although these countries have introduced deep reforms in many areas, especially during the transition process of privatization and democratization, property rights in these countries are not […]

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