Liberty Decalogue

Starting from the fundamental principles of the philosophy of freedom, the right to life, property and personal happiness;

Understanding the necessity of protecting the freedom of every individual and his rights from any authority and resistance to any oppression;

Realizing the importance of reason and rational action in a social life and constant struggle for achieving free society;

Appreciating that it is of particular importance for the society to empower and educate new, young leaders who will be a heralds of the freedom in the country and in Europe;

Convinced that the only way to a happy society is the happiness of every citizen, and that it can be achieved only by the individual freedom of every human being;

On March 6th, 2016 in Podgorica, Montenegro

Article I

Liberty has no limits, human mind is natural habitat for freedom and free will, its consequence is free individual, and liberal society represent its goal. Developing human mind and intellect means developing liberty.

Article II

There are no absolute truths, and no one could have monopoly over truths. Free thinking, academic freedom and exchange of ideas are the only way toward liberty.

Article III

Country cannot suspend natural rights that belongs to every man, by any law or act. Its role is only to protect the stability of those rights and to prevent its breach.

Article IV

Every attempt of monopoly towards the individual or any of its rights, life, property, personal freedom, safety and happiness, represent the tyranny and deserve reaction.

Article V

Individuals have the same chances and possibilities; free market of ideas and products will create the best conditions for satisfying the needs of every man and realize its best potentials.

Article VI

Human and civil rights of the individual are not capable of being alienated and interest of the majority cannot be an obstacle for the equal position any of the individual no matter to sex, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or belief.

Article VII

We believe in system of laic and secular country based on the scientific truths, improvements and knowledge.

Article VIII

Culture and art are very important part of the liberty research and its found, so it is especially important to keep artistic freedom, freedom for formatting, expressing and creating, and public performance of those ideas.

Article IX

Every individual takes up liberty from respecting natural law and legal rights of the other individuals, such comprehension of things ensure sustainable peace and permanent improvement.

Article X

Finally, our vision is to one, individual, lead from the darkness toward light, knowledge, liberty and happiness. That it the way which belongs to any of us.

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