New Website Launched

Podgorica, 2018 – We are pleased to announce that we launched the new version of our website. Now, all our visitors, members, friends and donors will be able to find all information here. After cyber-attack that occurred several months ago, we managed to bring new website but still we are recovering most data and it will take some time.

Please, be sure to follow our website as we will add more content every day. Some new features that will be available for you include English, Montenegrin and Spanish version of the website, more content, more research and projects, etc. We put a lot of efforts in creating a special experience for all individuals who would like to learn more about The Lucha Institute so your voice is very valuable for us.

From January 2019, global membership programme will be available for all interested individuals or enterprises who would like to contribute to our efforts in empowering future generations of pro-liberty thinkers.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach us and we will be mora than happy to answer them.

The Lucha Institute

The Lucha Institute is nongovernmental and nonprofit organisation with residences in Montenegro and the United States of America. The main role of The Lucha Institute is to research, develop, educate and promote policies that emphasis the importance of limited role of the state, individual, economic and political freedoms, market economy, and entrepreneurship.

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